Holiday Crafts!

"My Dad really does rock!" she says.

I can't believe she snapped that picture!
We had a great time in our Holiday Crafts 4 Kids program!  We made 4 easy, inexpensive and cute crafts that you can make at home to use as gifts. 

We had tea candle holders, button bookmarks, rock paperweights and braided sachets!

We had lots of smiles and fun! 


Hopefully, you will get to come next time we have a craft program!   If you can't make it to Florence, several of the other branches have crafts, too;  just watch the CMRLS calender to know when and where the next one is.  We hope to see you soon and will leave you with couple of last glances of our Holiday Crafts 4 Kids 2011.....

Double take!

Isn't this great, I can't wait 'til next year to see what we will do then!  How about you?

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