Is it Christmas time already?

Christmas is approaching us fast but we have lots of fun activities planned at Brandon Public Library.

Dec. 6th - Friends of the Library is hosting Snacks with Santa
Please come by and get all the details or call us.

Dec. 18th - Annual Jammie Jingles Family Night

A pajama party to enjoy stories, cookies and cocoa and make an
ornament for your tree.

Dec. 20th - Gingerbread House
Come in and pre-register to make a gingerbread house.

Of course we also have our weekly activities.
Mon. 10:30 Baby and Me
Mon. 3:30 After School story time is moving to this new day.
Wed. 10:30 Pre-school story time
Thur 10:30 Pre-school story time
Dec. 4th and 18th 4:00 Ultimate Afternoon for ages 7 to 11

Mock Election Held at Morton Public Library

During the month of October, Kindergarten through 12th grade students have had an opportunity to vote for their candidate of choice in this year's presidential race. Votes were tallied this morning with Republican John McCain receiving 58% of the vote and Democrat Barack Obama receiving 42% of the vote. Thanks to all the local students who participated in the mock election.

Baby Bookworms Story Time

At the Pearl Public Library, we have a program just for babies (ages birth-24 months). We have the program on Tuesdays at 9:30. I think it's one of the most rewarding programs we do. We sing songs; I read short books; they have an interactive play time.
It's awesome to watch children grow and develop their motor and verbal skills within a few months. The first song I sing is "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". A few months ago, I learned how to sing the song and to sign it with my hands. Children who have been coming to story time for the last few months are beginning to try the hand signs. Today, I got so tickled with the children because they are really, really trying to sing and sign. Join us on Tuesdays because it's a wonderful way to start your young one's day!!!

What's Cooking with the Pearl Peanuts

So yesterday the Pearl Peanuts group and I tried our first cooking element, which is part of the new and improved Pearl Peanuts Story Time. The library has received quite a few compliments on how the program has a fresh new look. About 16 children and 11 adults attended the program.

While they colored their individual cookbook pages, we sang "Hola Amigo" without the prerecorded music. Era muy fantastico! (It was very fantastic!) I read Gary Soto's Too Many Tamales. They enjoyed this story despite it being a holiday book. They (most of them) realized the message the author was trying to convey~always take responsibility for one's mistakes.

After the story, I started the cooking portion of the program by stressing the importance of hand washing and adult supervision (when in the kitchen). I probably should have heated the oil before I began the story so that the oil would be ready for me to drop the tortillas.

I could not believe that they (most of the group) were sitting in their places. I only cut a sampling of tortilla chips and I chose one of the older children to help cut more tortillas into triangular shapes. Susan and a few moms helped put hot and crispy tortilla chips into brown paper sacks. The children either put sugar and cinnamon or salt into their bags. Then they shook their bags with their seasonings and (of course) ate the chips. After the last chip was eaten, all were happy and delighted. Until next time...Adios! (Bye!)

Hispanic Heritage Month with the Pearl Peanuts

Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15-October 15. According to the United States Census Bureau, more than 35 million people are of Hispanic Heritage. For the month of September, the Pearl Peanuts of the Pearl Public Library have been celebrating and learning about Hispanic heritage. We have learned various Spanish words including a song "Hola Amigo", played "Bash the Piñata", and created mini-piñatas. This week we will make tortilla chips and either dust them with cinammon and sugar or eat them with salsa. The children will also decorate a tortilla chip recipe page for their cookbooks.

Join us on Wednesdays at 4:00 for the Pearl Peanuts Story Time. The program usually lasts from 45-60 minutes and is designed for elementary age children. Email Mara for more information.

Welcome to CMRLS KiDS!

Summer Reading programs are over.
School has started, and...
FUN @ your library has JUST BEGUN!
Watch the CMRLS Calendar for great programs all through the year. Ask your librarian for GREAT books to read, even check out VIDEO GAMES! Check this BLOG often for programs and pictures, reading lists, and maybe even contests!
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