Stuffed Animal Sleepovers

Last week at the Lake and Forest branches we had some fun animal adventures. We had our first stuffed animal sleepovers. We enjoyed a bed time story time and then we tucked all the animals in and had a bed time snack before we went home for the night. Apparently, the animals had other ideas though. They did all kinds of exciting things while we were gone and read a lot of good books too. Apparently, they got their paws on a camera as well, so we thought we would share what we found when we got back to work. Those silly animals have quite an imagination. We just might have to do this again next year.

1000 Page Challenge

The Pearl Public Library partnered with O'Charley's Restaurant in Pearl for a reading program---1000 Page Challenge. The program challenged kids to read 1000 pages in the course of 14 weeks. Twenty-two children registered for the program and read a total of 51,551 pages. Twelve children stepped up to the challenge and read a combined total of 49,306!!!

Kathy B., Cecelia S., and I met the 12 children who completed the challenge on Wednesday, December 16, at O'Charley's. At the restaurant, the children ordered anything they wanted from the children's menu. While we waited, we had a recognition ceremony. Every child received a certificate and a wrapped $5 gift. Our Friends of the Library donated the prizes for all the children. Additionally, the top reader won 1000 pennies (which was donated by one of our Library Friends-Judy W.) in a fish bowl. Connor B. of Pearl was our top reader with over 10,000 pages.

Again, I would like to thank O'Charley's Restaurant, Pearl Friends of the Library and my library coworkers. This program was FANTASTIC!!! All the children were winners. I couldn't have been a more proud librarian that day!
The Rankin Ledger will run an article about this story in the January 5th edition.

Are You Looking for Santa?

There is still time to see Santa @ your Library!

Saturday, Dec. 12, 4:00 p.m. - Sebastopol Library will have Santa and Library Friends taking pictures for $1 at the Bishop Park in Sebastopol (across the road from the Library). Pictures will be made on Saturday and can be picked up at the Library beginning Dec. 16. Proceeds go to the Sebastopol Public Library Friends.

Monday, Dec. 21, 6:00 p.m. - Brandon Public Library will have a wonderful family story time and a visit from Santa!

See you @ the Library!

Next Good Books: Myths, Legends, Folktales

A book list of Myths, Legends, Folktales has been posted on Next Good Book! These are books that can be found at CMRLS libraries. Check out a few of these and let your librarian know which was your favorite!

Next Good Book is a readers advisory tool that list books by category or subject, awards, or special booklists created just for you! This allows you to write comments about the books you have read for others to read, all by creating a FREE log in. You can even create lists of your own to share with others or just keep a list of books you've read! Take a minute to look at this great tool!

Myths, Legends, & Folktales

After School FUN and MORE!

Check out the online calendar for great after school programs for kids in grades K-6th! All programs for this age group are marked with red on the online calendar. An even easier way to view the programs you are looking for? Sort the calendar, let it show you only the programs you want!
  1. Click HERE for the Online Calendar of Events for all of CMRLS, 20 branches in 4 counties!
  2. Click the "Search Calendar Events" on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click the arrow after "Select Category" on "Option 1".
  4. You may choose to sort the calendar in a number of ways:
  • Option 1 sorts by age group. Are you looking for programs for you or your toddler? Looking for a teen program? Click on an age group and see all programs geared to that group!
  • Option 2 sorts by Branch. Which Library are you looking for programs? Which Library is closest to you? Click the city where the Library you want to visit is located. The calendar shows all the programs in that Library!
  • Option 3 sorts by keyword. Would you like to see all author visits scheduled this month? Are you looking for a book club to participate? Are you looking for a Story Time for your child? Type your keyword in the text box provided and the calendar pulls up all programs that fit your search!

Our print calendar, "What's Happening @ your library", can be found on the Library's home page. There are lots of programs for all ages and if you can't find what you are looking for, ask your library staff!

Fire Safety @ Florence Library

Visit with Andy the Ambulance and the Smoke House for Fire Safety Month, Florence Library, Monday, Oct. 12, 5:30-6:30 p.m., for ages K-6th grade.

Oooooh, I'm Not Afraid!

Do you like ghost stories?
Maybe slightly scary ghost stories?
is hosting a telling of
Slightly Scary Ghost Stories
Oct. 29, 6:30 p.m.
Come for slightly scary FUN!

Wii (is or are?) @ your library

Well, whether it's "Wii is @ your library" or "Wii are @ your library" can play Wii games @ your library! Check these dates out:

Sat., Oct. 10, beginning at 10:00 a.m. @ Pearl Library - Wii games will be out ALL day. Stop by with your family and try them out!

Thurs., Oct. 22, 6:00 p.m. @ Richland Library - High School Musical 3 will be available for Family Night FUN!

Summer Reading 2009!

It's Summer Reading time!

Programs start this week at a library near you!
Check out the CMRLS calendar at to find them. Watch this blog for information on programs and pictures of programs.
This will be a summer of FUN @ your library!

Summer is Here!!!!

It is time again to come register at your Library for Summer programming.

Brandon Public Library programs are:

Story times for 4 and under
Mon. @ 10:30 a.m. or Tue. @ 10:30 a.m.

Creative Connections
K-6th grade Tue. @ 2 p.m.

Teen creative workshops
Thur. @ 4 p.m.

Come Together Family Nights
each Thurs. @ 6 p.m.

Our summer schedule will run June 1st - July 9th.

Call us with any questions.

Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit?

Is it salty or sweet? In Helen Cooper's Dog Biscuit, the little girl Bridget tried her very first dog biscuit. She secretly loved the taste. Her neighbor Mrs. Blair noticed the telltale signs of dog biscuit crumbs that decorate little Bridget's chin. Mrs. Blair jokes with her and says Bridget will soon be bow-wowing. She begs Mrs. Blair to keep her secret (that she ate a dog biscuit) from her mom. Bridget literally believes Mrs. Blair and Bridget wonders why her mom does not notice she is turning into a dog. Bridget likes the life of a dog until she realizes something...
If you enjoy Helen Cooper, this book is worth checking out. Helen Cooper is also the author of Tatty Ratty and Pumpkin Soup. Click here to see if it is available for checkout. Pair this book with Patrick Loehr's Mucumber McGee and the Half-Eaten Hot Dog and you're sure to have a hit.

Little Miss Muffet Sat on Her Tuffet...

eating her curds and whey...Ewwww---that was the general reaction of the Pearl Peanuts group when we made curds and whey for this month's science experience....

For our after school group (Pearl Peanuts), I designated all the activities for January to be science-related. This week we made plastic milk or curds and whey. The activity was courtesy of PBS kids. First we gathered our materials--skim milk, vinegar, strainer, and microwave-safe bowl. Next we measured 1.5 cup of skim milk and poured it into the bowl. Then we added 4 teaspoons of vinegar into the bowl, and we placed the bowl and mixture into the microwave, and we let it cook for 1 minute. When the minute was finished, we took the book out of the microwave, and the kids noted the changes of the milk and vinegar, i.e. the smell was stronger and the vinegar and milk made a chemical change into a blob. We used a strainer to separate the liquid from the solid, and each kid touched the blob or plastic milk.
The next experiment we performed was courtesy of Vicki Cobb. It was called the Science in a Bag of Potato Chips. A few months ago, I personally saw Vicki Cobb perform this experiment, and I thought it was very cool. We needed a candle, unopened bag of potato chips, scissors, matches, and a bowl. There was a second part to the experiment, but we did not perform it. First, we talked about the crispness of the chips and how chips can become stale or soggy. Then I explained to them that the potato chip makers needed to find a way to keep the chips fresh and crispy. Potato chip makers decided that foil-lined bags and nitrogen gas would preserve their chips' freshness. Onto the experiment...I lit a candle. As Mrs. Cobb suggested, I blew lightly on the candle's flame to show that my breath was fanning the flame and not extinguishing it. Only if I blew with more force would the flame extinguish. Next, I snipped the corner of the potato chip bag, and I placed it near the candle's flame and squeezed the bag. The nitrogen in the bag of potato chips deprived the candle's flame of oxygen, which is the gas needed for candle's to remain lit. Of course, the kids were all excited about it, but they were even more excited when they got to eat the chips.

Also note that throughout the entire program I STRESSED ADULT SUPERVISION. I must have stated it every 5 minutes. What amazes me is the age differences in this group and how wonderful they pay attention (most of the time)! I think the youngest is 3 years old, and the oldest is 11 years old.

Brandon's Reader's Choice Awards

What is your favorite book?

When the new year comes around there is always a "best of'"chosen from the year before.
So we would like to know what was your favorite book.(and it did not have to be written just last year.) You can comment on the blog or come by and drop it in our bucket on the desk.
Here are our upcoming Family Nights:
Thur. at 6p.m.
Jan. 22nd A Very Merry Unbirthday Party
Feb. 19th Family Date Night with Pizza and a Movie
"Freaky Friday"
March 19th March Madness
(play Bingo, face painting, snacks, make a mask)