Obert Skye @ Pearl Upper!

The lucky students at Pearl Upper Elementary had another awesome author visit them this week! The Pearl Public Library coordinated with the teachers and librarian at the school and also Lemuria Books in Jackson to bring him in.  The Quest students got the chance to speak with Obert Skye, author of the Leven Thumps series and also a new series, The Creature in my Closet.  The students, teachers and this librarian had a great time!  Thank you for coming Mr. Skye!

Happy Campers!

Thank you, Mrs. Seale from Lake Elementary for helping us reward all our readers from this summer!  Every student that participated in the summer reading programs at the library and received their reading certificate was rewarded by getting to leave school to come to see a movie at the library today.  The movie that was shown was The Lorax.  We are so proud of all the students that earned their ticket to the movie and hope we see a lot more of them throughout the school year. 

Shannon Hale Event @ Pearl Upper Elementary

This past Wednesday, the Pearl Public Library got to be part of a very special event.  Our staff coordinated with Lemuria Bookstore in Jackson and Pearl Upper Elementary to bring Newbery Honor author Shannon Hale to speak to the students at Pearl Upper.

All the kids at the school were very excited about hearing Mrs. Hale speak! Pearl Upper is a fourth and fifth grade school, and the books that Mrs. Hale was coming to promote were perfect for this age level:

Mrs. Hale talked about her childhood, and how she had always loved to read and write. She told these kids that just because they didn't like a particular book, that didn't mean they didn't like reading. She said: ""If you read a book and it's boring, it's not your fault, it's the book's fault! It shouldn't have been so boring!" She reminded these kids that if they've ever read a single book that they liked, their librarian or bookseller can help them find another one. Just ask us!

Mrs. Hale was hilarious and the kids had a great time! Here they are answering questions and laughing at her jokes.


These kids even got to help Mrs. Hale act out a story! They retold Little Red Riding Hood--but they set it in Antarctica!

She graciously answered all of our questions!

This was such a fun event and all of the students that went had a blast.  Ask your teacher or librarian about maybe having an author come to your school! You can find Shannon Hale's books at the Pearl Public Library. And don't forget to ask at the librarian for a book that you won't think is boring!