Summer Reading at Florence

Meet Sally Ann and Shadow!

We really like Summer Reading here at the Florence Public Library!  Our friend Sally Ann likes it so much she moved her bedroom into the library!  We have tried to explain to Sally Ann that Summer Reading at the Library doesn't mean you live at the 'library' all 'summer' while you 'read'!  Sally Ann doesn't agree though, she just keeps saying, "Well, it is called Summer Reading at the Library, after all!"  Shadow agrees with Sally Ann!  He has been right beside her ever since she moved in and started reading!  Lots of children have been to visit them too! We invite you to come by and visit as well.  Summer Reading for kindergarten to 6th graders is Mondays at 2 PM and for preschoolers it is on Wednesdays at 10AM.  Sally Ann and Shadow will be right here!  Hope to see you soon (just please leave your bedrooms at home)!

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