You know, kids (just like us) have a tendancy to follow human nature. Our manners to others are not what they should be, we want to have everything at our fingertips, and we feel uneasy when we are around other people who are...well...just different from us.

Because it was Valentine's month, our theme carried a friendly reminder to encourage our preschoolers to use our manners, to share with others, and to understand that we are all different, but we can still get along with those who are different from us...because we are different from them!

From "Please" and "Thank-you" to saying "I like you because you ARE different" taught us that our behavior is very important in front of others, even if they pass us on the sidewalk.

Books like The Rainbow Fish taught us to be friendly towards others and to share. The "Please and Thank-you Book" taught us to use our manners...it's just the right thing to do when we are around other people. And "Different Like Me" book helped us to realize that there were different people from us who could do things just like us. Some of them needed our help, some of them looked and dressed differently from us, and some of them even spoke differently from us, but we learned that all of us need each other and need to be friendly to one another.

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