New Reads!!!

A rhyming book with so much heart, you'll just fall in love with Bunny Blue as he searches for his grandmother. Does Bunny Blue find her? It's a great book to read aloud to any child!
A spin on the classic rhyme, this fast-paced book will take you higher and higher as Eensy (the spider) finds out that if you fall you must pick yourself up! Awesome read for kids in K-6th grades!

Do you have a child with an imagination the size of the world? (and a messy room the size of Jupiter?) Check out this delightful 10-step book on how to inspire your child to clean his/her room!

This might just be one of my favorite summer picture book reads, although you can read it whenever you'd like. It has so many levels of inspiration for tolerance and respect of other people's differences. Two girls + Two Sandwiches= a book 4 anyone to enjoy!

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