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100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson

While on an international trip, Henry’s parents have been kidnapped. Now, nine-year-old Henry must go live in Henry, Kansas with his Aunt and Uncle, along with his three female cousins, which he hasn’t seen in six year. When he arrives, he is given a bedroom in the attic.

The first night in his new room, Henry begins to hear scratching at the wall behind his bed. Turning towards the noise, he looks up at the wall, and though there is nothing on the other side of it but the outside, he discovers a knob working its way out of the plaster. For several nights, Henry, along with one of his cousins, work at removing the plaster - only to discover the wall is filled with cupboards! A tumble by Henry causes one of the doors to pop open. Is that rain and wind they hear? And does the key they find open another door? Did they just spot someone walking on the other side of the doors? Pick up this book and find out the answers to these questions and more!
- Jessica Bilbo, Youth Service Librarian, Brandon Public Library

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