1000 Page Challenge

The Pearl Public Library partnered with O'Charley's Restaurant in Pearl for a reading program---1000 Page Challenge. The program challenged kids to read 1000 pages in the course of 14 weeks. Twenty-two children registered for the program and read a total of 51,551 pages. Twelve children stepped up to the challenge and read a combined total of 49,306!!!

Kathy B., Cecelia S., and I met the 12 children who completed the challenge on Wednesday, December 16, at O'Charley's. At the restaurant, the children ordered anything they wanted from the children's menu. While we waited, we had a recognition ceremony. Every child received a certificate and a wrapped $5 gift. Our Friends of the Library donated the prizes for all the children. Additionally, the top reader won 1000 pennies (which was donated by one of our Library Friends-Judy W.) in a fish bowl. Connor B. of Pearl was our top reader with over 10,000 pages.

Again, I would like to thank O'Charley's Restaurant, Pearl Friends of the Library and my library coworkers. This program was FANTASTIC!!! All the children were winners. I couldn't have been a more proud librarian that day!
The Rankin Ledger will run an article about this story in the January 5th edition.

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  1. It looks like they all had a great time. What an accomplishment, too! WOW!