Have you ever eaten a dog biscuit?

Is it salty or sweet? In Helen Cooper's Dog Biscuit, the little girl Bridget tried her very first dog biscuit. She secretly loved the taste. Her neighbor Mrs. Blair noticed the telltale signs of dog biscuit crumbs that decorate little Bridget's chin. Mrs. Blair jokes with her and says Bridget will soon be bow-wowing. She begs Mrs. Blair to keep her secret (that she ate a dog biscuit) from her mom. Bridget literally believes Mrs. Blair and Bridget wonders why her mom does not notice she is turning into a dog. Bridget likes the life of a dog until she realizes something...
If you enjoy Helen Cooper, this book is worth checking out. Helen Cooper is also the author of Tatty Ratty and Pumpkin Soup. Click here to see if it is available for checkout. Pair this book with Patrick Loehr's Mucumber McGee and the Half-Eaten Hot Dog and you're sure to have a hit.

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